Brainstorm & Blueprint

A Proven - Step by Step Process to Help you Successfully Write & Publish Your Book!


It's Time to Write Your Book!

Here's What You Will Learn in the Brainstorm & Blueprint Course!

1) Analyze
Your Concept

Steps 1 – 3 lay the foundation for your book, by getting you connected to your WHY. Why do you want to write this book? Who will read your book and why? What will you do with your book after it’s published? What value does it bring to your business or life?

2) Stage
Your Project

Steps 4 - 6 will educate you about all the moving parts of creating and publishing a book, so you can stage and manage all the pieces. You will learn everything you need, from building a platform to publishing your completed manuscript.

3) Brainstorm
Your Content

Steps 7 – 9 is where you start to work on your core content, the brain dump of your ideas. All the scraps of paper, notebooks full of ideas, and the stuff floating around in your head, gets put on paper where we can do something with it.

4) Blueprint
Your Manuscript

Steps 10 - 12 will transform your ideas from storyboard, to outline, to the digital beginnings of your book. These steps pull it all together and produce a BLUEPRINT that is easy to follow as you write each chapter of your book.

Here's How This Works!

Step by Step we will guide you through the process with video instructions, pdf worksheets, and email support, to ensure you don't get stuck.

Your Blueprint becomes your outline and table of contents for the book. It becomes your step by step map for successfully writing your book.

No more wondering where to start, writing yourself into a corner, or half-finished manuscripts that you have no idea how to finish. Just follow the blueprint and write.

If you follow your blueprint, it will ensure the successful creation of your book.

Let’s get started. 


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