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Clara Rose & Company is an author-centric Literary Consulting, writing and editing services firm. We work with entrepreneurs who want to write a book or create a training course that they can use as a tool to expand their influence and grow profits.
We started with the idea that EVERY entrepreneur could benefit from a book to expand influence in their field. They simply needed a step-by-step process that works and some guidance to help them avoid common mistakes. We are proud to offer just that.
Our Brainstorm & Blueprint course IS that step-by-step process that works! It is a digital training that comes with strategy sessions, to offer additional guidance. 
For those who don’t need a step-by-step process to build their book, we’ve created a resource to help them avoid common mistakes when self-publishing. Everything Matters - Your Cover to Cover Guide to Self-Publishing is our guide, designed for the DIY crowd.
We offer Co-writing and ghostwriting services on a select number of projects each year. Our writers and editors collaborate with these clients to create an engaging manuscript; communicating the thoughts, ideas and voice of each author - and this is what we call "Crafting Your Message." These clients start with our signature Brainstorm & Blueprint book-build process to plan each step of the project from conception to publication and beyond. 
We start with the end in mind, so they know exactly what to expect during creation and after their book is published. *Clients that work with us on a Co-writing or ghostwriting package have on-going strategy sessions for the duration of their project.

We educate our clients about their choices, while we guide them through the creation of their book. After publication, they own the creative work PLUS keep 100% of the profits since we don’t require royalties.

If desired, we can publish their creative works through our press mark RoseDale Publishing or our press mark for children’s books, RoseDale Kids.

After publishing, some authors need additional support for the promoting and selling of their book. We offer these services through our Author Support package.

Our goal is to capture the voice of our clients and help them craft their messsage for the world, in a way that most benefits them. Making a difference, one author at a time.

Clara Rose - CEO



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